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About Jozo Designs

I spent my childhood in the Lower Laurentians, Quebec. I was exposed to a rich and diverse culture which has influenced my outlook in life. I spent many years as a scientist, followed by a career in the construction materials industry. In 2004, I began to experiment with silk fibers. In 2012, art became my main focus. Over the last few years, I have developed my own techniques for creating my images. I have added woolen, linen, hemp and cotton fibers to my work, although silk remains the predominant material. I see as much through my hands as through my eyes. My work ranges from landscapes to figurative to architectural to quirky. I am largely a self-taught artist fueled by my imagination and the world around me. I hope to continue exploring fiber for many years to come.

  hess: 22x18 silk fiber drawing fusion with hemp wool and linen fibers by Jo-ann Zorzi
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